Bijrani forest rest house

Bijrani forest house package

Bijrani forest rest house

Bijrani is one of the most popular zone in the Corbett Tiger reserve. For instance, it has gathered its popularity over many years now due to high chance of Tiger spotting in this zone. 

This zone of Corbett is close to Ramnagar area and it just takes about 10 minutes to reach Bijrani zone entry gate from Ramnagar railway station as well as bus stand. Bijrani forest rest house is government run accommodation facility which is around 10 KMs from the Bijrani entry gate (Amdanda).

There are 2 forest rest houses inside the Bijrani area and one is named as Bijrani forest rest house and other is Malani forest rest house. Malani is around 11 KMs inside the jungle from Bijrani forest lodge.

Accommodation option at Bijrani forest rest house

There are total 7 rooms at Bijrani FRH (4 double rooms, 2 single rooms and 1 four sharing room) extra bed facility is also available at the accommodation centre. All rooms are having attached bathroom and a sit out area outside the rooms. Hot water facility is also available and electricity here is provided in the evening time as it depends on the solar power.

Kitchen facility is available at the Bijrani compound. Therefore, breakfast, lunch and dinner are available at the nominal cost. Forest department has covered the compound by fence from all sides and as, it is sourrounded by jungle only, you get a 360 degree view of the forest. Deers are too common to spot at the Bijrani compound and lucky people can get sighting of other animals as well including the Tiger.

Safari starts half an hour before here than the guests who are staying at private resort. Therefore, it gives people staying at Bijrani more chance of spotting the wildlife.

Bijrani forest rest house
Bijrani forest rest house campus

Accommodation option at Malani forest rest house

Malani lodge has 2 rooms in total and extra bed facility is available as per request. Both the rooms are having attached bath room facility and a dining area is common for both rooms. Hot water facility is also available and electrity here is provided in the evening time as it depends on the solar power.

In conclusion, one should not expect luxury here but the peace and wilderness.

There is no kitchen facility available here and you will have to bring raw material including spices. In addition, a chef will be there for cooking the food or you can also self-cook accordingly. Forest department has covered the Malani lodge area by fence from all the sides and animals are too common to pay a visit around the compound.

For booking it is suggestible to book 30 to 45 days before of the arrival date as these forest houses are always in high demand due to its location.

Night stay facility at Bijrani and Malani lodge remains closed from 15th June to 14th November every year.

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