Canter vs jeep safari

Canter vs jeep safari

Normally while planning for a visit to national park, people always have one thing in mind that should we book jeep safari or canter safari or what is the actual difference between canter vs jeep safari as normally most of us don’t have a clear picture what does a canter look like and is our gypsy will be covered or opened from sides.

Therefore, yes this question had come in our mind as well while going for the safari first time. So, here we clear the confusion which occupies your mind so often.

Comparison between Canter vs Jeep safari

Jeep or Gypsy safari

Jeep or gypsy is vehicle which allows 6 tourists at once for the national park safari along with driver and forest safari guide. It is an open gypsy from top and both the sides so that tourists can enjoy all side view without any disturbance.

A jeep can get you more chances of animals sighting compared to canter as it can be moved on small tracks as well. In some national parks you need to book full gypsy and in some you can also book single seat. In addition, not all the national parks in India provide canter safaris but jeep safari is available everywhere. 

Canter safari

Canter is big 14 and 16 seater vehicle which allows maximum 16 tourists at once for national park safari. It is normally covered from top (not covered in some national parks as well) and it has more height than the gypsy which allows you to look far more away compared to gypsy.

However, gypsy can be driven on small tracks as well but not the canter because of its bigger size. Charges for canter safari is little less comparing to jeep safari. Therefore, it is also popular among tourists when planning a budget trip to national park. 

We hope this article has cleared your doubt of not knowing the difference between jeep and canter safari. 

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