Safari in Ranthambore national park

Safari in Ranthambore national park - an amazing experience

A wildlife safari in Ranthambore national park can be one of your greatest adventure of all time. Being situated at an approximate distance of just 3 hours from Jaipur (the capital city of Rajasthan), the park has been named after the Ranthambore fort which was built around 1000 of years ago as per the history books.

In year 1955 it was named as Sawai Madhopur games sanctuary and after approximate 18 years it was declared a part of India’s Project Tiger. And, later in 1980 it was finally declared as Ranthambore national park. Over the period of many years Ranthambore has become point of attraction for many wild life photographers, documentary writers and international wildlife enthusiasts as well. Unlike other national parks in India, Ranthambore is the part of deciduous forest where trees lose their leaves seasonally and grow again after the rainy season ends.

Wildlife of Ranthambore national park

Ranthambore national hosts the wild animals such as Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Sloth bear, Hyenas, Sambhar deer, Spotted deer, wild boar and many more. Many famous articles and documentaries have been written after the famous Tigress Machali which dominated the reserve for many years. The Tiger queen died in year 2016 leaving the great legacy behind.

The park also has more than 40 species of reptiles including Indian Crocodiles, Monitor Lizards, species of snake including King Cobra, Pythons & rattle snakes.

Best time to visit and opening/closing period

February to June is the ideal time to visit the national park.

However, Ranthambore national park safari remains open from October to June every year and remains close during rainy season from July to September.

Period between November to January gets very cold and you should carry enough woolen/winter clothes to prevent yourself from freezing cold.

Types of safari and number of safari zones

There are 2 types of safaris are permitted inside the forest reserve and one is jeep or gypsy safari and another one is canter safari.

Jeep safari– Obviously, while doing jeep safari you have high probability of spotting the wild animals. Jeep is 4X4 open vehicle which is driven on the designated safari tracks with a capacity of 6 tourists at once.

Canter safari– It is 20 seater mini bus which is larger in size comparatively to a gypsy. 

This is how a canter looks like.

The park has been divided into 10 zones from 1 to 10 and you can opt for jeep safari for all the zones respectively. However, Canter is allowed from zone 1 to 7 only.

Safari in Ranthambore national park

How to make a booking of safari in Ranthambore national park

To book a safari, you need to provide us a valid Id proof (can be pan card, Aadhar, Voter Id, license or Passport as well).

For foreign tourists only passport is acceptable.

Suggestible to make an advance book as early as possible as unlike any other national park in India, you can book a safari here 365 days in advance.

Cost of safari

Jeep safari costs INR 1300 Per person for Indian nationals and INR 2400 for foreign nationals.

Canter safari cost INR 800 Per person for Indian nationals and INR 1500 for foreign nationals.

Connectivity from major cities in India.

Jaipur– Sawai Madhopur is the nearest railway station to Ranthambore which is just around 12 KMs from the park.
Jaipur to Sawai madhopur daily trains are available.One can also travel from Jaipur to Ranthambore by road in a taxi within 3 hours.

Delhi– Daily trains are available from Delhi to Sawai Madhopur. By road it takes around 8 hours to reach Ranthambore from Delhi and a Sedan taxi can cost upto INR 10000 for a 3 days tour Delhi to Delhi.

Mumbai– Mumbai to Sawai madhopur trains are available and one can also take a direct flight to Jaipur Airport from Mumbai.

Kolkata-Chennai-Bangalore- Trains are available upto Jaipur railway stations from these cities. However, daily direct flights are available up to Jaipur.

Important points-;

You must provide valid ID proof for booking (Pan card, Aadhar, Voter ID, License and Passport etc)
You should also carry the ID proof in person while going for safari.
Forest department does not allow pets inside the safari zone.
Binoculars and good quality camera are good to go while on safari.
Maximum of 6 adults can travel in one permit.
Suggestible to book Ranthambore national park safari for your preferred zone before booking the resort.
Must listen to your forest guide.
Do not litter anywhere. Never try to shout with excitement when spot a wild animal.
At-least book multiple safaris if your primary reason of visiting Ranthambore is Tiger sighting. 

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